Penguins And Cocoa, Two December Beginning Sound Connections that Can’t Miss

Beginning sound match with penguins and hot cocoa!

Beginning Sounds for the Win

The penguins need their hot cocoa to stay warm…and your students need practice to keep their skills hot.

Beginning sound match with penguins and hot cocoa!

Ok, ok, maybe penguins don’t need cocoa, but I would if I was on this iceberg.  BUT penguins and cocoa are two things winter can’t do without.

I made a beginning sound match game with penguins and cocoa so you can use it throughout January and February.  This set contains penguins with lowercase letters and three different cocoa mugs containing a picture for that beginning sound.

There are many ways you can use this set. Here are just a few:

Use all 4 cards and have students match the letter with the 3 initial sound cards.

  • Use alphabet penguins to order a through z.
  • Use alphabet penguins to spell cvc words.
  • Sort pictures by sound.
  • Sort picture cards by syllable.
  • Sort pictures for long vowel and short vowel.

If you would like a quick seasonal sound and symbol set, check this out!

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Cathy Collier

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