Puzzles for Letter and Sound Create 26 Firm Connections

Puzzles for Letter and Sound Create Firm Connections

Puzzles are a critical skill that help with part-part-whole. One of the best centers is one that can be used with all learners. Making sure to reach the needs of all your students with one file is always a bonus.

puzzles make learning fun

This file has a “letter puzzle” with capital, lowercase, and picture. There are so many ways to use this “simple” file.

1.  Using the letters only…match upper to lower case letters.

2.  Using capitals and pictures…match upper to initial sound pictures.

3.  Using lowercase and pictures…match lowercase to initial sound pictures.

4.  Using both capitals, lowercase letters, and pictures…match all three.

This small pack contains a full color and black and white reproducible sheets.

Click the link if you would like the December Alphabet Tag Match.

Cathy Collier

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