100 Blocks: Using Letters to Color Puzzles

100 Blocks: Using Letters to Color Puzzles

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Don’t you love those 100 block activities where students color by number?  I’ve done them with my kindergartners…even though we don’t have to teach numbers to 100.  

They love coloring in the boxes and figuring out what the secret picture is. I decided to try it with letters.

100 Blocks: Using Letters to Color Puzzles

After several attempts at different approaches to using letters, I decided to go with the first letter of the color.  

It worked fine for my first one…a candle.  

Y for the yellow flame.  

R for the red candle.  

B for the Black candle holder.  

G for the green leaves.  

It got a little harder when I made a reindeer.  

Br is for the brown fur.  Bl is for the black eyes. 

AND I got really fancy with the dreidel. I used lb for light blue and db for dark blue. 

Color all other letters any background you decide or leave them white.

I think your students will have fun. Enjoy.

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Cathy Collier

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