Opinion Writing: 4 Ideas for Choosing The Best Part of Winter

Need your early writers to give an opinion, this is an easy task if you set them up for success.

Opinion writing is fun. Students will tell you all about how they feel…just ask them.

In my Opinion

December is a fun time to talk about choosing an option.

This FREEBIE gives you 4 different opinion ideas and paper for the final product. The paper contains a place for students to plan their writing.

Students choose between:

  • sledding or tubingOpinion Writing: Telling about December
  • sugar cookie or gingerbread cookie
  • hat or hood
  • summer or winter

Students have 4 boxes at the top of the paper.

Box 1 is their choice.

Boxes 2-4 are for drawing three reasons why they like something better.  

THEN, they need to write complete sentences about what is the absolute best and persuade the audience with their thoughts.

If you would like more, check out my blog post from February, 3 Steps to Teaching Opinion Writing to Early Writers.

Click the link if you’d the like the December Opinion FREEBIE!

Cathy Collier

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