Memorial Day…More Meaningful than Just a Day Off

Memorial Day...More Meaningful than Just a Day Off Cathy Collier

Memorial Day Monday. I know we are all at that time of the year when we are DELIGHTED to have a day off of school. In my part of Virginia we go to school until the middle of June, so Memorial Day is the “beginning of the end” for us.

BUT, we need to take a step back and realize it’s bigger than that.

Memorial Day...More Meaningful than Just a Day Off

Teachers have a critical role in teaching the next generation about the true meaning of Memorial Day.  

Seems this generation of students is more “me-centric” and the value of paying respect is being watered down daily.

Read Alouds for Memorial Day

We have to share this day with our students.  

There are some great picture books available for this task.  The H is for Honor book can be “heavy” for some early learners, but choosing a few pages to share can be a perfect way of sharing this material. More books can be:

F is for Flag,  Memorial Day,  Memorial Day Surprise

As a follow up to the books, I have created some materials to support writing about Memorial Day.  

You know I love my 4 Square and this is an easy fit.

Vocabulary and Word Work

I also created a Vocabulary Card and writing paper.

The set also contains 2 word work ideas for Memorial Day.  The first is a “make it, break it” activity using the letters that spell “Memorial Day.”  

This can be a teacher directed activity, a small group activity, or an independent activity.

Memorial Day...More Meaningful than Just a Day Off

The last activity is a Word Family flip book.  I chose the -ay family. Students can make the flip book and write about the -ay family.

Memorial Day...More Meaningful than Just a Day Off

thinking about it

Finally, a teacher at our school has a son currently serving in the military in Japan.  Just recently he lost his best friend in his unit.  This week she put this in our faculty lounge.

What a great way for adults to remember.

Cathy Collier
Memorial Day Mini-Set

If you would like the mini-set, CLICK HERE or the picture below to follow the link to my TPT Store.

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