Vocabulary Winter Activity: 15 Cards Keeping Them Engaged and Having Fun

Print and Digital Vocbulary

I know it’s hard. This time of the year is so hard to keep them engaged, so sometimes we have to do something different. Have you ever tried mystery words? They are fun and can quite possibly keep their attention (for a minute or two)…and they are learning at the same time. Mystery Words use the beginning sounds to create new words.

Vocabulary: Digital Task Cards

Students seem to be more engaged with digital games these days. Students can use Google Slides to match letters and sounds and create a new vocabulary word. Then, they type the new word. Once they build and write the word, they find the winter celebration picture to match. Students can use the Google slides on individual devices or at an independent center, but they can also be projected using an interactive board as a whole class activity.

MAYBE they can even be a transition idea. Students can gather at the carpet to build a word as they transition to the next part of your schedule.

Digital Task Cards for Engaged Vocabulary
Vocabulary Winter Activity: 15 Cards Keeping Them Engaged and Having Fun

Vocabulary: Printable Task Cards

If Google Slides isn’t your thing, or you don’t have access to it, you can always use the printable task cards. These full-color task cards could keep them engaged with holiday spirit. Print and laminate the vocabulary cards so students can use magnet letters or letter tiles to create the word and dry erase markers to write the word. There are even three different Recording Forms available for students. One form allows for students to write ALL 30 words beside the correct number. the other two forms allow students to choose either 10 or 15 cards and write the new word.

If you’d like a 6-card SAMPLE, make sure you click the link.

If you’d like the whole set with vocabulary words about Hanukkah, Christmas in America, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Christmas in Canada, Christmas in England, Christmas in France, Christmas in Germany, Christmas in Mexico, and Christmas in Italy, check out Winter Celebrations Mystery Words in my TPT Store.

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