Animal Research Made Easy: Early Writers can Write, too!

Early Writers Can Write, too. Animal Reports Made Easy COLLIER

Animal Research standards have become a staple in the early grades when trying to accomplish the research state standards. Animals are intriguing to children of all ages, not just early learners.

However, research is never easy for early learners. Having templates to achieve this goal makes the standard doable. These templates were designed with first graders in mind, but don’t let that limit you.

animal research topics

The set contains a choice of 72 animals.

Animals representing most animal groups are included.

Students can choose their preferred animal and glue the picture to the top of the research template or they could pick from the basket and be surprised by the animal they research.

Animal Reports Made Easy: Early Writers Can Write, too. COLLIER

If the teacher is working on a specific habitat, the animals for that habitat could be provided to students for a more in depth look at animals that live in that habitat.

Animal Reports Made Easy: Early Writers Can Write, too. COLLIER

ANimal RESEARCH templates

Providing students with templates makes writing reports manageable even for the earliest learners.

Students can choose from a variety of animals and also choose from a variety of report options.

Option 1 contains four areas of research; habitat, appearance, activity, and nutrition. Students can use nonfiction books at the kindergarten or first grade level to find this information.

Many times students will know this information already, but the template allows them a place to document what they know.

Another option uses these four areas to research and provides a space for writing one sentence about each piece of information. Therefore, the students can use the template for research and for writing.

Another option provides 6 areas to research; Habitat, appearance, activity, nutrition, offspring, and noises. Adding two more options gives a greater depth of research.

Finally there are eight areas to research; habitat, appearance, activity, nutrition, offspring, noises, wild versus tame, and oviparous.

Each of these options dives a little bit further into research. All of the research options come with picture cues such as a house for habitat, glasses for appearance, and an egg for oviparous. These picture cues help students when writing their papers.

Animal Research Publishing

After students have completed their research the teacher can provide papers corresponding to the areas of research.

Each page has the corresponding picture from the research template so that the student understands to write about that area of research on that page.

Students can have anywhere from a four to eight page book depending on what template they used.

Of course, students can also use the option for writing in paragraph form.

Early Writers Can Write, too. Animal Reports Made Easy COLLIER

With so many ideas for differentiating research, this set provides teachers and students a guide for accomplishing the research standard at the kindergarten and 1st grade level. Check out the Animal Research Templates Set. It has everything your students will need…except the books.

In addition, I also have 4 Square Animal Group templates.

The 4 Square Templates are perfect for early writers.

These 4 Squares are the perfect template for writing about animal groups.

There are 32 animal groups with directions and coordinating papers.

Cathy Collier
Early Writers Can Write, too. Animal Reports Made Easy COLLIER

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