45 Ways to Effectively Use LEFTOVER Book Club Flyers

45 effective ways to use book club flyers cathy collier

I love Book Club Flyers…it’s so exciting to see what new books I will add to my classroom library and which ones my students can choose each month to add to their home libraries. But, honestly, some don’t have that choice. Some can’t afford a book a month. One of my favorite social media campaigns is asking for a Student Book Cub Sponsor. For $10 a year, you can sponsor a child to get the $1 book a month for the school year. What a great opportunity to sponsor a child, grow a love of reading, and build a home library. BUT, that means you might have a million leftover book club flyers. USE THEM!

Book club flyers: Book Titles

45 Ways to Effectively Use LEFTOVER Book Club Flyers

  1. Find a word in the title for each letter of the Alphabet
  2. Find a word in the title for each letter of your Name
  3. Find 10 Word Wall Words in Titles
  4. Find 10 words with Blends in Titles
  5. Find 10 words with Digraphs in Titles
  6. Find 10 Short Vowel words in Titles
  7. Find 10 Long Vowel words in Titles
  8. Book Sort – Start with Fiction and Non-fiction.  They could cut book covers and glue them on a t-chart.
  9. Find other Genres (Fairy Tales, Historical, Cookbook, Science, Diary, etc.)
  10. ABC Order – Cut out 10 book titles and put them in ABC Order.
  11. Find Verbs in Titles
  12. Find Nouns in Titles
  13. Find Adjectives in Titles
  14. Find Books that you think will be Silly
  15. Find Books that you think will be Scary
  16. Find Books that you think will be Informational
  17. Find Books with People Characters
  18. Find Books with Animal Characters
  19. Find Books with Exclamation Points
  20. Find Books with Question Marks
  21. Find Books with Science Themes
  22. Find Books with Social Studies Themes
  23. Find Books to make us Feel Good
  24. Find Books to make us Think
  25. Find Books to Inspire Us

Book club flyers: Writing Ideas

  1. Book Recommendation – Who do you think would love this book? Why?
  2. Book Prediction – Read the summary on the flyer and give a prediction.
  3. Book Connections – Read the summary and make a connection to you.
  4. Book Summary – Choose a book that doesn’t have a summary and write one.
  5. Birthday Present – If you are invited to a birthday party, what would you get your friend and WHY?
  6. Classroom Library – If you could add a book to your classroom library, what book would it be and WHY?
  7. Sequel – Choose a book and you decide what the sequel should be? Write a summary for your new book.

Book club flyers: Math Ideas

  1. If your mailbox is full of book club flyers...use them! Here are 45 ideas for reading, writing, and math.

    Choose a book and tell the sum for 2, 3, 4, 5, 10

  2. If you had $5, $10, $100…what would you buy? How much would be left over?
  3. If you had a Coupon – Choose a book and determine the price based on the coupon 20% off, 30% off, 50% off, and 75% off.
  4. Choose a book for you and your best friend – What is the sum? What is the difference?
  5. Choose a book for everyone in your house for their Birthday – What is the sum?
  6. Find a Book with a Math Concept
  7. Do you see a Pack of books? What would it cost for each book separately? Are you saving money?
  8. Choose 2 books and find the sum of the number of pages.
  9. Choose 2 books and find the difference in the number of pages.
  10. Choose 5 books and put them in order of the number of pages most to least.
  11. Choose 5 books and find the mean, median, and mode using the number of pages.
  12. Choose 5 books and write the number of pages in standard form and expanded form.
  13. Choose 5 books and round the number of pages to the nearest ten and nearest hundred.

Want more ideas for Math? Check out Integrating Writing Into Math Adds Up to Success.

What would you add to the list?

45 Ways to Effectively Use LEFTOVER Book Club Flyers

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