Make-Your-Own Writing Offices: A Desktop Tool for Independence in New Writers

Make-Your-Own Writing Offices: A Desktop Tool for Independence in New Writers

Writing Offices will be an invaluable tool. You know I’m all about providing tools to increase independence with even our earliest writers. Writing Offices check all the boxes. These writing offices include many different aspects of your writing instruction.

Make-Your-Own Writing Offices are the perfect desktop tool to encourage independent writing in even our earliest writers.

The set can be printed in black and white or full-color. You decide what is going to be included. Two file folders are glued with inside flap overlapping. This will give the students 5 surfaces for adding materials to their office.

If you want to learn about sound charts, check out some options.

Blog Post: Sound Chart: Enhancing Phonemic Awareness

B&W Writing Offices

Students can help build the writing offices with the B&W option. Students can write their own name and glue the cover to the outside of file folder 1. Teachers can give the students one element at at time to color and glue. When all the pages are complete, offices can be laminated.

Full-Color Writing Offices

Teachers can make the Writing Office ahead of time using full-color images. Teachers can determine what elements are appropriate for their classroom. Writing offices can be laminated. The problem with this option is student buy-in. I’m all about students helping to prepare the offices as they go. They’ll own it. They’ll use it.

Writing Offices: Contents

  • Cover without a name
  • Cover with name
  • How to Print examples
  • Big 3 Writing Rubric
  • Types of End marks
  • Sound Chart Option 1
  • Sound Chart Option 2
  • Sound Chart Option 3 (hard/soft c and g, long and short vowels)
  • Consonant Page
  • Vowel Valley
  • Short/Long Vowel Grid
  • Color Words
  • Position Words
  • “I can spell on my own” Anchor Chart

If you’d like other products to support independence, check out the writing section of my tpt store.

Cathy Collier

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