Pandemic: 10 Ideas Teaching (and Surviving) during a Pandemic

10 ideas for teaching during the pandemic Cathy Collier

Pandemic. What a word…the world turned upside down with this word. We got this…teaching (and surviving) during a pandemic is a whole new world. AND, we made it to May, but it wasn’t easy.

The world has somehow flipped on a dime and likewise, our teaching world has also flipped. There was so much uncertainty about what teaching would look like, not only in my own city, but in the world of education.

One of the best quotes I’ve seen is about so far is about the boats we are in. We are NOT all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm. My boat is very different from other boats. I have no children at home I am responsible for homeschooling. I have internet and digital capabilities. I am really just responsible for me. I WILL NOT and CANNOT tell you how to make all of this new world to work for you. I wouldn’t be so bold or so clueless.

Peace During a Pandemic

We got this...we made it to May in this new normal of education. We have to take care of ourselves.

I would, however, like to give you a piece of peace for this time.

My peace has always been walking on the beach and breathing ocean air.

I can’t do that now…so I have to shift. I have to find peace.

I also love being in control…it’s who I am and how I manage my world.

But, as you know, this whole “thing” is not in our control.

BUT, I can control me…most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my moments. I’ve cried in the shower and I’ve been mad about something ridiculously not related to my anger. I’ve cleaned cabinets and I painted and redecorated my den to keep “busy” during this pandemic, as if I wasn’t busy enough figuring all this out.

We all have coping mechanisms and we all have to find out way in this new time. So, I’ve decided “I can’t control it all, but I can control me! (most of the time).” I can control my actions and my reactions…most of the time. I can control feelings and my attitude…most of the time. AND I think that’s good enough.

I did decide to make a list for the week. I made a list of 10 things I can do for myself in an attempt at self-care. I need to take time to “survive” this new normal.

10 Ideas for Pandemic Teaching

  1. Exercise – what can I do to make me feel better? I know I feel better on the days I get up and Jazzercise in my den. I belong to the local Jazzercise center and before this I would go 3-4 days a week. I enjoyed it and felt better…but I soon realized 3-4 days a week wasn’t good enough. I exercise 5-6 days a week and find I give myself grace on the weekend to sleep in and do things with my husband. One the days I exercise, I feel better. What can you do to feel better? Exercise? Walk? Breathe? Meditate? Journal?
  2. Eating Better – I started off great…and I’ve slacked off. Pandemic Pancakes are not the answer. Too many snacks, too much sugar and just needing to eat. I need to go back to eating better snacks and eating more vegetables and less carbs. What is something you can do this week?
Teaching during the pandemic Cathy Collier

3. Time for Me – This is weird. I have plenty of time for me…but I wasn’t taking advantage of it. I have decided to get up 30 minutes early (before Jazzercise) and just have quiet time.

4. Connect – I have connected through Google Meet with my Instructional Colleagues at my school and while we’ve giggled a lot, we are also problem solving. I need to spend more time connecting for fun. We have started a family FaceTime on Tuesdays and I need to take more time for my friends outside of school. AND maybe connecting with friends for no good reason as all will help us all survive this pandemic.

5. Listen to Music – I think I need to add this to my day. I sit in front of the computer the majority of the day, so I’m also sitting in front on the TV in my office the majority of the day. Next week, my goal is to turn on music and turn off the tv, at least an hour a day. I think this will be a nice change.

6. Get Creative – I LOVE creating things for teachers. It’s definitely a creative outlet, but I’ve also painted my den and foyer. I need things to do that are creative that aren’t on my computer. 5 nights a week my husband and grown son play a game after dinner. We are all working remotely and spend the daytime hours on the computer, so we have enjoyed playing games. It’s been a varitey…so far, Rummikub, Blockus, Upwards, and Bananagrams. Any game suggestions?

7. Read a Book for fun – I have made myself do this. I am currently reading a Sandra Brown novel…it’s a good one. Who knew a pandemic was all it took to make me take the time to read for pleasure.

8. Read a Blog Post to Learn– First, the reason I said “blog post” is because it’s short. Make a decision to read something of interest that might give you a new idea or perspective on teaching. It may or may not be something you want to use, but it widens your view.

9. Try something new – Last week I made homemade Shrimp Alfredo. I was quite impressed with myself. Of course, this doesn’t help with #2 because it called for a stick of butter and 2 cups of heavy cream, but it was good and I did it. This week I’m starting a new online class for my business. I’m excited to learn.

10. Treat Yourself – I did buy a box of Blue Bunny Mini Swirl Cones. YUM…it’s a baby cone, but it’s a treat. I’ll try to keep the treat at twice a week, but not promises with this one.

We got this...we made it to May in this new normal of education. We have to take care of ourselves.

I made a sheet to write my plans…and I printed it on colored paper…and I’m ready.

I’ve made a sheet for you.

I also made a google slide, in case this is better for you.

You can also download the I Can Control Me document or click on the picture to the left.

We are all in this together…but, WE GOT THIS (most of the time).

Cathy Collier
We got this...10 Ideas Teaching (and Surviving) during a Pandemic

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