Thrift Store Score: 20 Ideas for Mini Foam Cut-outs an Center Fun

Teachers are always on a budget. Before you spend a lot, check out the local thrift store for cheaper ways to make great centers.

20 Ideas for mini-foam cut-outs…and guess where I found them. I LOVE a thrift store! There is something about reusing someone else’s discard that makes me feel good about the future, but I also like a bargain. Here’s my latest find…for the classroom.

I found a set of mini-value foam packs. This one was snowmen and snowflakes. How many centers can you make with this set? Here are 20 ideas!

reading ideas

  1. Capitals/Lowercase Letters
  2. Letters/Initial Sound Pictures
  3. Blends/Pictures
  4. Synonyms
  5. Antonyms
  6. Homonyms
  7. Contractions
  8. Vowel Sounds/Pictures
  9. Digraph/Pictures
  10. Rime or Rhyming Words
21 Ideas for Mini-Foam Cut-outs and Center Fun

Math ideas

  1. Numerals/Objects
  2. Numerals/Word
  3. Addition Problems/Answers
  4. Subtraction Problems/Answers
  5. Subitizing
  6. Shapes/Shapes in Nature
  7. One More, One Less
  8. Greater Than/Less Than
  9. Number Order
  10. Counting by 5s/10s

Did I tell you this only cost $.79? Yep, less than a $1 for a center. Can’t beat that.

If you don’t have a thrift store nearby  or don’t want to wait…check out these paper snowflakes…it will work the same.

I’ll post more finds…until then…go shopping.

If you’d like the S Blends Matching, click the picture or the link.

Cathy Collier

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