Long Vowels in the Snow: 1 Poem, 5 Vowels, 15 Examples

Long Vowels in the Snow: 1 Poem 5 Vowels, 15 Options Cathy Collier

Long Vowel Patterns need to be taught and practiced, but too many teacher don’t give December a fighting chance.

December brings not only the joy of the holiday season but also the hustle and bustle of the school days leading up to the winter break. Keeping students engaged and focused during this time can be a challenge, but fear not!

We have a delightful solution that combines academic rigor with a winter flair: “My Snowman Dream,” a long vowel poem and project that turns the often hectic December days into a winter wonderland of learning.

Long Vowel Pattern Anchor Chart

Long Vowels in the Snow: 1 Poem 5 Vowels, 15 Options Cathy Collier

As educators, we know the importance of creating visual aids to help students grasp complex concepts.

To kick off our long vowel adventure, let’s start with a Long Vowel Pattern Anchor Chart.

This handy chart will serve as a visual guide for students, highlighting three examples for each vowel.

Students should be encouraged to use the chart when spelling unknown words.

I am more impressed with student writing that contains errors when they are “good errors,” meaning they are based in a vowel pattern.

For example, I’d rather a child write “dream” as “dreme” because it is using a vowel pattern.

This anchor chart provides a solid foundation for the upcoming activities and ensures that students have a clear understanding of long vowel patterns.

Vowel Pattern Find and sort

Now that our students are equipped with the knowledge of long vowel patterns, let’s dive into the first activity: “Find and Sort.”

Using the “My Snowman Dream” poem, students will search for words with long vowel patterns and record them on a provided recording sheet.

This activity not only reinforces their understanding of long vowels but also enhances their reading and comprehension skills.

Long Vowels in the Snow: 1 Poem 5 Vowels, 15 Options Cathy Collier

Students can find words independently or in groups. Students can also circle the vowel pattern in each word.

Vowel Pattern find and build

Long Vowels in the Snow: 1 Poem 5 Vowels, 15 Options Cathy Collier

Building on the excitement of the winter season, the next activity, “Find and Build,” incorporates hands-on interactive cards featuring vowel snowflakes.

Students will use these snowflakes to construct words with long vowel patterns, making learning a tactile and engaging experience.

This activity not only reinforces their understanding of the vowel patterns but also enhances their fine motor skills.

This is also a interactive lesson, letting students create.

Once the words are built, they can be written on a recording page with vowel patterns circled or highlighted.

This can also be put in a center for students 6 weeks in a row. Teach them to build one vowel cards at a time each week, then a combination week for review. This would be a great process/product center.

Vowel Patterns fidn and create

Bringing creativity into the mix, the final activity encourages students to use the poem to write vowels on appropriately shaped snowflakes to make a snowman and snowflake art project.

This not only provides a fantastic visual representation of their learning but also gives them a holiday-themed keepsake.

Adding the poem to the art project reinforces vowel teams with a winter theme.

Long Vowels in the Snow: 1 Poem 5 Vowels, 15 Options Cathy Collier

Of course, the provided snowman can be replaced with any snowman craft you might have. A torn paper snowman or cotton ball snowman would be cute.

Vowel Pattern Set

Long Vowels in the Snow: 1 Poem 5 Vowels, 15 Options Cathy Collier

For a comprehensive and ready-to-use solution, check out the “Long Vowel Pattern Poem and Project” packet. This resource includes:

  • Poem based on a snowman highlighting Long Vowel Patterns (full-color and B&W)
  • 2 poem vowel sort sheets
  • 1 picture sort sheet
  • 2 write the long vowel pattern sheets
  • Anchor Chart (2 options)
  • 20 hands-on interactive cards with Long Vowel Patterns
  • Snowman Long Vowel Patterns Art Project

“My Snowman Dream” transforms the busy December school days into a delightful learning experience.

By integrating a winter-themed poem and project, educators can capture students’ attention and maintain a focus on academic growth during this festive time.

Embrace the magic of winter with “My Snowman Dream” and watch your students blossom into confident readers and creative thinkers.

Cathy Collier

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