Summer Writing Journals: 3 Months of Easy Ideas to Keep Them Thinking

Summer Writing Journals: 3 Months of Easy Ideas to Keep Them Thinking

Summer isn’t too fair off. In Coastal Virginia, we are ready to rest, recharge, and review the year and reinvent some lessons while we refresh others. Whew!

Quick Summer writing

A few years ago I wanted something to offer my parents and students to keep them writing. BUT it needed to be easy to follow, quick activities and fun…because it’s summer! I made this set. I just updated it with 2024 dates and added black and white versions of each month for easy copying.

Want a quick writing ideas for summer writing. Check out this little set for all kinds of writing with a summer theme.I made up 3 months of activities with a weekly schedule:

  • CVC Sunday
  • Make It Monday
  • Topic Tuesday
  • Sight Word Wednesday
  • Thinking Map Thursday
  • Word Family Friday
  • Sentence Saturday

Each day can be differentiated for the needs of your students. CVC Sunday asks students to write the CVC word pictured on the date. Students  can also write more words in that family, write sentences, write a story, draw a picture, or anything else you want.

I also included a Thinking Map Example page so everyone knows what each thinking map is asking.

If you would like this set, it’s $2! (Think Dollar Tree…and it’s better. lol)

Click the link to get the Summer Writing Journal 2024 and enjoy the cheap summer treat.

If you like it, share some of your summer writing with me in the fall.

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