Concept of Word ~ I Can’t Believe I’m Published!

Concept of Word ~ I Can't Believe I'm Published!

Concept of Word. I am so excited!

I had the absolute privilege to co-author an article with a fabulous colleague from Virginia Beach, Beth Estill. Everyone in our area knows how fantastic she is…and the news is going to spread farther now.

Concept of Word ~ I Can't Believe I'm Published!

How did we get here?

Most Virginia school systems use the PALS test for our K-3 students.  The PALS test is a Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening.  C.O.W. (Concept of Word) is one sub-test on the K and 1 test.  But it’s an important sub-test.

On the kindergarten test the C.O.W. section takes the knowledge of the other sub-tests (initial sound match, rhyming, letter identification, letter sounds, and spelling) and puts them into action with a isolated word list relating to a previously taught poem.  For first grade, this test is an option; however, we used it as an universal screener for all students.

Having previously read the article, Concept of Word in Text: An Integral Literacy Skill, originally published in Reading in Virginia, the Virginia State Reading Association journal. In November, I attended a workshop Beth was holding at a local school.

The workshop was all about C.O.W., Concept of Word, that is.  The group from my school was eager to try Beth’s “program.”  During the teacher workday 4 days later, we were training our teacher assistants, and a week later we were rolling!

Concept of Word ~ I Can't Believe I'm Published!

Developing Concept Of Word

Developing C.O.W is for students who recognize only 0-3 words in the 10 word list.  For the most struggling students, Beginning C.O.W. creates a “muscle memory.” Students take 2 sentences, practicing one-to-one, word order, beginning letter match, and finally isolated word list from the sentences.  The routine is VERY regimented and specific.  Each day the activities are done in small group (4-5 students) and lasts no longer than 4 minutes.

Concept of Word ~ I Can't Believe I'm Published!

Rudimentary Concept Of Word

For the intermediate students, those recognizing 4-6 words on the 10 word list, the routine is slightly changed using 4 line poems. The size of the group and the duration is the same.

Concept of Word ~ I Can't Believe I'm Published!

It worked!

I found out Radford University was starting an on-line educational journal, Educational Practice and Reform.  I thought Beth’s Concept Of Word program was the perfect choice for an article.  So…I begged.  I asked to co-author the article, and here it is.

It’s great to share a success in the classroom. Click the title of the article, if you’d like to read it in its entirety.

How C.O.W. Can Change the World of Emergent Readers.

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