CVC Words: 5 Ideas Building The Best Bridge between Reading and Writing

CVC Building helps students build a bridge from reading and writing and back again.

CVC Words are the cornerstone of reading and writing. The majority of early learners need very specific things:  a foundation of letters and sounds and their clear connections, a bank of known words, and exposure to lots and lots of words.  If I could have 1 literacy center to bond all those skills together, I’d take CVC building.  (Well, I’d sneak in lots of writing ~ both scripted and unscripted.)

Back to my centers. There are many ways to create activities for practicing CVC words and writing beginning, middle, and endings of each word.

Manipulating cvc words

CVC Words ~ Building The Ultimate Bridge between Reading and Writing

I introduce CVC words in the late fall.  First, during calendar time when we review critical skills daily…1 word a day. 

Helping student stretch those sounds.

We call it “bubblegum.” 

We put it in our mouth, chew it while we think of the word and then do what their mom won’t let them…pull their pretend gum out as far as they want while we hear all the sounds. 

This silly habit is a fun way to associate stretching words.

Using picture cards, students use the provided letters and create the word on the card by ordering the letters. This activity can be accompanied by the Stoplight Writing technique.

Writing and Typing cvc words

Starting in December, I put the CVC words in the ABC Center.  There are task cards with words to unscramble. The cards contain the pictures and the letters.

Students can write on the task cards (if they are laminated) OR they can be taught to fill out the answer sheet with the task card number and words. To fill a technology component to our centers, we used the Boom deck with the cards and students typed the cvc words.

As the months move on, a different theme is added to the basket.  Student’s expectations are accelerated.  When the center becomes a rote exercise, students can choose a complimentary assignment – choosing a word to use as a topic sentence, choosing a word to write rhyming words, or choosing a word to make new words with new endings.

Here’s a plug for Boom Learning, the online platform is amazing.

Build and Extend cvc words

These decks are fun for building and extending each month. They are themed for the month with 10 cvc words and answer sheet. Students are asked to choose one word and write about it.

If you’d like a free sample of the CVC Eggs Cards, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to look at all the CVC Center Sets, click here to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers.

CVC Words: 5 Ideas Building The Best Bridge between Reading and Writing Cathy Collier
CVC Building helps students build a bridge to reading and writing.

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